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Legendary Mountain guitarist Leslie West has just recorded one of the best albums of his career. Titled ‘As Phat As It Gets’, the twelve track CD blows through the house like a 12-ton wrecking ball. Jam packed with dense-power blues, thick riffs and monster hooks, ‘As Phat As It Gets’ proves that 54-year-old West is in the best shape of his life.

“As you can see I’ve lost a lot of weight,” says West from his New Jersey home. “I met this girl and ....” In a classic tale of romance West admits his positive outlook on life has more than a little to do with girlfriend Roni Chase. “I hired a detective to find Roni four years ago. She was on the cover of my ‘Great Fatsby’ (1975) record. He couldn’t find her so I ran an ad in the paper and last summer she called.”

With passion ablaze West focused on the music. A host of friends jumped in to lend a hand including Papa Chubby (Me & My Guitar), blues prodigy Vince Converse (Palace Of The King) and Joe Lynn Turner (The Cell, I Can’t Shake It). “I needed a singer for ‘The Cell’,” tells West. “Joe and I have known each other for years and he was perfect. He’s the real thing!”

Singer-songwriter Jon Tiven acts as co-writer on five numbers adding texture and agility. As the CD closes out West takes a humorous bend on his former self in title track ‘As Phat As It Gets’. “That one has a pretty Phat riff - it’s kind of tongue-in cheek, so it works out great with the song.”

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