Vinnie Moore
The Maze
Shrapnel Records

Vinnie Moore is as close to being a home grown south Philly boy as a Delaware native can be. He lives just south of the PA stateline in Wilmington. “I’m as Philly as Cheese Steaks,” claims Moore in our recent chat over his new CD The Maze. “Yeah, I grew up here and most people think I’m from Southern California. I get that all the time.”

Owner of over 25 guitars, Moore has been on the guitar genius list since his Mind’s Eye album debuted in 1986. After recording with Vicious Rumours on Soldiers Of The Night (Shrapnel 1985), Moore left to pursue the harsh life of a solo instrumental artist. “I’ve tried to work with vocalists but it’s never seemed to work out,” says Moore. “So, I’ve just turned my style into this instrumental thing.”

Moore did all the preproduction for The Maze in his home studio then went out to Prairie Sun studios in Cotati, Ca to record the finished product. Lending a hand were Dave LaRue (b), Shane Gaalaas (d) and long-time associate Tony MacAlpine (k).

Moore claims that by retaining his roots in Delaware he’s able to concentrate on his music resulting in an uncluttered, powerfully moving collection of guitar instrumentals. Title cut, The Maze reaches into the more Jazzy elements of Moore’s influences which is not to say Moore doesn’t have his share of boilers. Cryptic Dreams, The Thinking Machine and Eye Of The Beholder are cast with a dense layer of hard rock mataphisiology. Never Been To Barcelona, a personal favorite, interrupts the electric engine with its intricate flamenco sting balanced by intoxicating warmth in the melody. Eighth track, Rain secures the position as a sacred masterpiece while Watching From The Light and Fear and Trepidation become more ambient and soul searching. All are a fine return to what being a guitar genius is all about.