Breakin' Records

Is there rock by any other name?

Accept was my first backstage pass in the summer of 1985. I remember the guys couldn’t speak much English, in fact only Udo and Wolf Hoffman spoke to me after the show - but it didn’t matter. It was a rock band and I was living a fantasy.

They were smokin’ that night – three guitars in unison and a legion of fan, horns up, bangin’ away. It was beautiful! Let me wipe away a tear…

“I think this is the best record I’ve done in years,” narrates a raspy voice on the other end of the line. “You should see the stage show. It’s set up like a church with an altar and a stained glass window behind. I stand up and preach out a sermon in rock and roll. It’s fantastic!”

With all his enthusiasm and his thick German accent, Udo Dirkschneider’s becomes a little hard to understand and with the delay from Germany...but we work it out, after all here I am 15 years later talking with the first genuine rock star I ever met.

Udo’s call is more than just chatter about Holy, his highly praised new release on Nuclear Blast. It’s a special day in that ALL U.D.O. (his solo band) and nearly ALL Accept catalogue albums have been repackaged in beautiful digi-pack (cardboard instead of jewel case) foldouts and re-released in the States.

If that’s not enough the vocal commando and his merry band of outlaws have just posted their fall tour with England’s Wheels of Steel, Saxon! “We always love coming to the States,” says Udo, “but this time we’ve got a lot supporting us including a great new album.” Holy is just that – Great! It harkens back to the viceral aggression of Fast As A Shark or Restless And Wild, built from the song up and with steel girder instumentation.

Area dates for UDO/Saxon are 10/26 - Jaxx (Springfield, VA), 10/27 - L’amours (Brooklyn, NY), 10/28 - City Limits (Waterbury, CT), 10/29 - Wreck Room (Wallington, NJ), 10/30 - TBA, 10/31 - The Station (West Warwick, RI), 11/01 -TBA (Rochester, NY), 11/02 - The Stoned Monkey (Huntington, West Virginia).