EDDIE STONE (Doc Holliday)
Right Tonight

White Clay Records

Original Doc Holliday Keyboardist, Eddy Stone has wanted to do his own album for the last ten years. White Clay Records, the label occupying Phil Walden’s Capricorn studios gave Eddie the chance to do just that. Earlier this year Stone released ‘Right Tonight’ in what many are calling a rich mixture of Stone’s diverse talents. “This is a culmination of what Eddie’s all about,” says Doc Holiday vocalist Bruce Brookshire. “It’s been Eddies whole life to do this record.”

Peppered full of tasty tunes ranging from Country Rock to near Beatle Pop, ‘Right Tonight’ is hell bent on showcasing Stone’s success as a song writer. “I wanted this record to have a straight forward ‘American Rock’ feel to it like John Cougar or Tom Petty,” says Stone. “Just real good songs with a lot of emotion.” Which is exactly what succeeds on Stone’s debut. ‘Chain Of Broken Dreams,’ ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’ and ‘Shot Down In Cold Blood’ all shine as rich moments in textured song craft. The chilling ballad ‘House On The Hill’ is enriched by Stone’s rich vocals. Landing somewhere between the Georgia Satellites and Hootie and The Blowfish. Stone merges styles brilliantly. Even though Stone includes two cover songs, ‘Almost Saturday Night’ (J. Fogerty) and ‘You Can’t Do That’ (Lennon/ McCartney) the strongest material is his eight self-penned numbers.

White Clay Records is stoking their fire with releases by local blues heroes Big Mike and The Booty Papas and 23-year-old wiz-kid Scott Little as well as Eddie Stone. In taking over a dilapidated Capricorn studios, historical master tapes were discovered containing live shows by many of the Capricorn stable. White Clay has secured the rights and is releasing ‘aLive Down South,’ a compilation of what they’ve found.

Doc Holliday