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Gorgeous is about the only word that actually fits Steve Stevens’ (Billy Idol, Vince Neil) debut solo release Flamenco.A.Go.Go. In an interview last year Steve told TCE that he’d been working on a flamenco record for quite some time and that he felt it would express much of what he was currently pursuing as an artist. Though quite a transition from Stevens’ metal days, his harmonies and innovative effects are just as memorable as the "White Wedding" hook or the riff for Michael Jackson "Dirty Diana", both of which hallmarked Stevens with critical acclaim.

In the traditional sense, Flamenco.A.Go.Go. is not a typical flamenco guitar album. One listen to the wide range of fluid movement on the eighth track "Dementia" will convince you of that. The song is a hybrid of twisting sounds moving across the scale with a melodic theme woven in. As with the "Our Man In Istanbul", "Letter To Memory" and "Feminova" the melody always has a home no matter how intense the rhythmic interplay gets.

Brushing elements of Jazz and New Age, Stevens is able to develop Flamenco’s many moods in a cascade of tonal resonance. "Cinecitta", "Twilight In Your Hands" and "Velvet Cage" all experience a sweeping panorama of color and intrigue. Stevens, a graduate of New York’s High School of Performing Arts, secured his chops as an imaginative hard rock player. Over the years he developed an appreciation for Flamenco great Paco DeLucia (whom Stevens calls the “Jimi Hendrix of flamenco guitar”) and began recreating a style that would combine his risk as a rock guitarist with the orchestration of flamenco. Flamenco.A.Go.Go. is enhanced with a video to accompany "Dementia" which depicts Stevens live before a sold out crowd in Japan. His command of his newly embraced style is staggering!

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