Crazy Again

“The cotton mouth is wound up tight / Searchin’ for his prey / Wonder if I’ll ever see the light of day,” sings Dave Hlubek of Molly Hatchet as the rest of the Southern Rock Allstars back him up like a herd of Rhino’s on the run. The song, ‘Crazy Again’ is one of eleven originals that have Blackfoot drummer Jakson Spires, Rossington Band guitarist/vocalist Jay Johnson and Whiskey Band bassist Pete Geddes joining guitarist/vocalist Hlubek on an rough and ready album of the same name.

Known as the bastards of Southern Rock, the rebel four are hell-bent on making it on their own. “We’re sick of buying everyone else a better life off our music – now we’re doing it for ourselves,” says Jakson Spires.
Born and bread in this hard-livin’ band of outlaws is a major ass-kickin’ truck-load of ripe and raunchy southern fried rock.

Taking what was the real meat of Southern Rock’s finest (the band have a combined retail showing of 30 million records world-wide), the Southern Rock Allstars (SRA) have formed the definitive super group of their genre. Smokin’ live shows have encouraged the band with a wave of fan support. The idea of doing it all over again may be somewhat prophetic in the Jay Johnson / Jakson Spires produced package but the songs confirm there is still strength in numbers.

Rising in early 1998 the band have become hard-core road-dogs playing over 60 gigs in the last year while recording ‘Crazy Again’ in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The result of writing songs, taking them out on the road and testing them out live, then recording them has created a solid debut for the SRA. ‘Don’t Belive A Word,’ ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Crazy Again’ are mature standards that anchor ‘Ghost Of You,’ ‘Better Off Alone’ ‘Traveller’ and the red-hot ‘Trouble’s Comin’. To borrow from their press release SRA are “working without lawyers, managers or agents, setting their own standards and determining their own fate.”