Burnside Records

For Rod Price, slide aficionado of the legendary Foghat, the guitar is a constant companion. Just released on Portland, Oregon’s Burnside Records is
Open, Rod’s first solo CD and a landmark recording for the journeyman packed with weeping blues.

“I wanted to do an album of blues. Blues is where I started and blues is where I’ll finish,” says Price over the phone. “I’ve had these songs in my head ever since I played them with my first band (Shakey Vick’s Big City Blues Band) back in 1966. Maybe not all of them, but some of them—and definitely the spirit of them. I always wanted to do them with a little kick and complete reverence to the original artists.” Price intended the recording to be with the original Shakey Vick’s Band. He booked three days in a New England studio and invited them over.

Says Price, “After the first day, Vic and I knew the drummer and bass player weren’t working out. It was regrettable but we had to get other players in to meet our contract, and studio time was ticking away. The engineer said he knew of a couple guys that would fit, so I said, ‘Get em.’ The next morning we were recording with Kinny Landrum (Hammond B3), John O. Reilly (drums) and Bruno Ravel (bass).”

Content with the lineup, Price and crew blazed through a scorching set of blues standards including Bluebird Blues, Long Distance Call, and Sitting On Top Of The World. “The guys were so tuned in that all we did was explain what we wanted and they nailed it,” mentions Price. “The magic that happened that day was because they were sympathetic, talented musicians that took direction very well. They played their hearts out.” The result is a powerhouse package of down and dirty blues played rough and ready.

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