One Night In The Jungle
Hollywood Records

It took a call from Ronnie James Dio to bring the Rock out of retirement. The Rods’ axe-man has been busy running the successful Hollywood diner in upstate New York which meant for almost ten years his geetar has been collecting dust. “Ronnie called and we started talking about working together again,” says David ‘Rock’ Feinstein over the phone. “There’s been some interest in putting together another Elf album so I began writing instrumental tracks to take out to LA.”

Feinstein, Dio’s cousin and original guitarist in Elf, gained his reputation with the street savvy metal outfit the Rods. They had a smash hit with their self-titled Arista debut and brought in some big numbers both here and abroad eventually touring with both Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. For Rock, his return was simply a matter of plugging into the right amp, reclaiming his monster guitar sound and building a riff-based song structure – all of which comes to life on his first ever solo effort One Night In The Jungle.

“The whole album was done totally backwards. I wasn’t writing any melodies or concepts just some nice riffs. I then put them together in an arrangement and ended up with 10, 12, 14 of these raw tracks with no titles. I went into a little studio to put my ideas down on a disk so I’d have them.” Frustrated with business commitments Rock delayed his visit with Dio but felt he wanted to polish up his working demos.

“I put the rhythm guitar down and added bass and keyboard drum to give it some effect. A local guy, Lonnie (Park) suggested bassist Jeff Howell (Outlaws, Foghat) and drummer Nate Horton. I brought them in one at a time and we built it from there. It took awhile. When the songs were in good shape, I came in and recorded the vocals and solos, which were one-off bits, as a guide. In the end I decided to keep them because they sounded so fresh and spontaneous.” Rods bassist Garry Bordonaro also sings backup. The disc is full on ROCK, not for the light-hearted.

Website: www.rockfeinstein.com