The Point
Bryn Mawr, PA

The setting was an espresso café in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania with a crowd of about 150. This was the first time that Rik Emmett had played in the Philadelphia area as a solo artist.

New Jersey native, John Taglieri started things off. He did a great job, and everyone there enjoyed his music. One of the songs he played for us was a piece he is planning to put on his next album. If it is any indication of what his next album will sound like, it will definitely be worth picking up.

After a short break Rik Emmett, the former guitarist and vocalist for the band
Triumph, took the stage. This was Rik’s second performance for the night. Though he admitted being tired, his musical performance gave no indication of it. Rik was very personal with the crowd and seemed to enjoy the intimate setting.

This was my first time seeing Rik live. I must say that I enjoyed this much more than I ever would have had I seen him when he was with Triumph. Here was just Rik Emmett, a guy who loves sharing his music with whoever will listen. The audience enjoyed listening and they were very vocal about their enjoyment.

Rik played some of the hits he had with Triumph as well as some of his songs from his solo CDs. As he played his music, he showed his comfort with the setting by sharing many stories that tied to the music that he has played. Stories of humility that lead into ‘Ordinary Man’, the want of having a son played out in ‘Little Boy Blues’, the joys of childhood put to song with the ‘Two Jigs’. Of course there were also the stores told just for the hell of it.

The highlight of the evening for me was hearing ‘Hold On’. If someone had told me when I herd the song for the first time in a record store in Denver, CO. that twenty years later I would be in such an intimate setting hearing him perform it live I would have made a time machine. This memory will always be etched in to the walls of my mind (I also bought the “Just A Game” CD in Denver a couple of years ago). Other songs I enjoyed were ‘Taste of Steel’, ‘Magic Power’, ‘Libre Animado’, and of course the encore ‘Suite Case Blues’. All of these songs showcased Rik’s wide range of talent and love for music.

Special Thanks to Kathy Weagman from Panzyler Entertainment Group for setting up this wonderful musical treat. She tells me that we can look forward to seeing Rik in the Philadelphia area again in 2003.

Phillip A. Smith