The Ghost of Adrian Smith
Sanctuary Records

In 1988 Adrian Smith left the Iron Maiden womb to seek out a musical life devoid of the Steve Harris dictatorship. He wanted to go back to something more blues-based, maybe a bit more like his influences—Deep Purple and Free. He spent a number of months putting together the ASAP project, Silver And Gold (Enigma, 1989) The record was a critic’s darling but with no tour support and outside commitments, the CD quickly disappeared.

“I don’t want that to happen to the Psycho Motel records,” said Smith calling from New York. “I want people to hear these albums and maybe now, with all the buzz about Maiden, people will take a second look.”

Psycho Motel was a band Adrian put together with bassist Gary Leideman (British Lion) and drummer Mike Sturgis (Asia, 21 Guns). Soli, a Norwegian native, tackled vocals on the band’s first outing
State Of Mind (1996). “I financed the whole thing,” admits Smith, “I wanted it to feel fresh but also to push the edge a bit.” The CD contained some real jewels, including Money To Burn, City of Light, and the Hendrix-inspired Western Shore.

“Another year passed and we were on to the second record,” says Smith. “I’d changed and so had the band. Soli left and we got Andy Makin. Andy was amazing. I heard his demo that he sent over and I really liked it. My wife thought I was crazy but I had him come over and we started writing right away. It was very intense.” Smith maintains the music for Welcome To The World (1997) poured out. “It is a darker record and maybe reflects what I was feeling at the time. Innocence in a world so destructive.”

Welcome To The World had it's own set of standouts: Into The Black, the title track, and the Robin Trower-influenced Underground. Smith disbanded the group to work with Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson and had a brilliant run with Accident At Birth, Chemical Wedding, and Scream For Me Brazil, before re-joining Iron Maiden this year. With an elevated profile, Smith has reissued both PM CDs, which are currently readily available worldwide.

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