Reissue Bonanza!
Snapper Records
Dartford, Kent, England

“You put a year of your life into something, it’s no good if there’s no one out there to hear it, ya know what I mean?” delivers Phil May over the phone. The Pretty Things co-founder is in New York on the eve of the Pretty Things reunion tour to headline Cavestomp ‘98 at Coney Island High. May continues to plug their, as yet, untitled new release, “It wouldn’t be a proper reunion if we didn’t have a new record out there, now would it?” The details for Pretties fans are intriguing. David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) lends his talents on Love Keeps Hanging On, There is a souped up version of Mony Mony with Ronnie Spector and the British Gospel group Inspirational Choir jump in on God Give Me The Strength [to Carry On]. The band known largly as the openers for Led Zepplelin ‘75 tour are back, ready to swing into action.

And it’s not just one release - it’s their entire back catolog remastered and out for the first time on CD. Snapper Music has out-done themselves delivering this handsome set of Pretties. All the records have received first class treatment with bonus cuts, glorious booklets fully fashioned with extensive liner notes by Paul Du Noyer, photos and in the case with the first two, enhanced with multimedia interaction.

“It’s very important for a live band to have new material,” says May, “but we still like to play all the old favorites for the crowd. We’ve been touring some in the UK where we did S.F Sorrow in London with Dave Gilmore and Author Brown doing the narration. It was excellent, really great fun. When Snapper started feeling around for up and coming catolog stuff, the big vibe was on S.F. Sorrow. It quickly led to all of the records coming out on CD.”

“The fans have felt there was a validity in this band coming out and playing again, it’s relevant.”

Website: The Pretty Things