Magna Carta

Niacin is:
Dennis Chambers - drums and percussion, Billy Sheehan - basses and John Novello - keyboards.

Billy Sheehan, if you remember, came from Talas to David Lee Roth’s band where the two recorded a set of platinum platters. Sheehan left in 1988 and formed Mr. Big where another round of gold and platinum discs awaited. Niacin is Sheehan’s Jazz outlet and is run in conjunction with Mr. Big satisfying the bass players need to mix it up. “I love playing with really challenging musicians,” states Sheehan. “In two or three minutes I can tell the kind of musician someone is, just the way they carry themselves. I’ve rarely been wrong. Dennis and John are the kind of musicians that I knew right off were amazing.”

Unlike other Jazz supergroups, Niacin actually take their show on the road. In 1997 they recorded their live show and put a CD and video out in Japan, one of their strongest markets. “We’ve played all over the place with this band,” Sheehan admits. “We really push it over the edge when we play live. I want to keep moving forward and playing live with this band does that.” The trio bring in that ‘live’ feel on Deep cuts Best Laid Plains, Stompin’ Ground and Panic Button. On, Things Ain't What They Used To Be, the band accentuate a hard rock edge when joined by legendary singer Glenn Hughes and Toto guitarist Steve Lukather. Says Sheehan, “I’m greatful to have worked with such amazing players.”

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