“Double-Piston, Full-Throttle Rock 'n Roll”
Turn It Up
Eureka Records

This band of Californians are hell-bent on bringing the high-octane burn back into Southern chug. The history of Moon Dog Mane goes back to the Sierra Mountains outside Sacramento and the demise of 80’s metal brats Tesla. Guitarist Frank Hannon takes us on the journey. “When I left Tesla, I went up in the mountains and wrote for a year. I was writing this real bluesy rock and needed a singer that could match the songs. A friend of mine introduced me to Brodie (Stewart) and after watching him sing, I knew I wanted him in my band. The rest of the band slowly came together from scattered areas in Northern California.”

“This album is really just the seed of what we are all about. We recorded most of it at home on an 8-track machine. Since then we’ve really developed as a live band. Tesla had so many different styles, sometimes it was tough to focus on one direction. But my influence in Tesla was always this kind of music. It’s much easier now that I’m able to lock in on one thing. The name went through a number of changes from the Big Dogs to the Hillbillys before we settled on Moon Dog Mane. As a kid I would watch this pro-wrestler named Moon Dog Mane. I liked the way the name kind of rolls off your tongue.”

“The first night Brodie and I got together we wrote song after song. The ideas just poured out. Our chemistry together meshed right away and you can really hear it in the songs. We’re signed to an independent label that is really behind our music and the flow of the band. They’ve been great at supporting us and getting behind the record. Right now we’re on the road with Cinderella and I think the two bands make a great bill together. It all boils down to great rock and roll anyway.”

Moon Dog Mane consists of Brodie Stewart (vo), Frank Hannon (g), Kevin Hampton (g), Chris Martinez (g), Joel Krueger (b) and Cortney DeAugustine (d).