Canyon Records

Finding a transition into pop rock, Medicine Dream indulge their audience by taking their native roots and combining them with radio-friendly muscle. Led by the soothing Bon Jovi-like vocals of Paul Pike (Mi'kmaq Nation) the Alaskan five piece build upon the strength of contemporary song structure using elements of Native flute, rhythmic drumming and chants. The result is not only stunning but addictive. P’Jilasi, If We Were Wolves, Lightning Flashes The Sky and The Homecoming are excellent example of intertwining thick vocal chants behind a strong melody. The cross-pollination of cultural boundaries within the group (each member is from a different native tribe) brings a rich texture to each of the CD’s original twelve numbers.

Joining Pike (who handles vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass and flute) are Buz Daney (drums), John Fields (keyboards), CeaAnderson Nicklie (background vocals),George Newton (guitars) and Patrick Lind (bass). Guesting on Invitation To Breathe for a duet with Pike is Angela Brown. Mawio’ mi succeeds in its venture largely due to powerful songwriting and a flare for a unique voice in a currently undefined mainstream market. A brilliant and captivating homage to the past, present and future.