Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
Jimmy Franks Records

If you haven’t heard Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms by Isabelle's Gift stop whatever you’re doing and go buy it! Forged in the same vain as their southern rock brothers COC, this South Carolina-based four-piece mix a hellish brand of demon rock with all the mojo they can muster. Rock magazines across the globe have called Isabelle’s Gift “Infectious hooks with bulldozing intensity”, “Like Black Sabbath drenched in moonshine or Black Oak Arkansas after 10 pots of coffee”

Signed to
Jimmy Franks Records (frontman for the Bloodhound Gang) and managed by Ian Thomas, the pair plan to take the band out of the Carolina swamp and into the public eye. Bloodhound Gang already completed last year’s tour with IG in tow as the opening act. The slog through the highway and by way gave the up-‘n-comers a loyal following which was all too evident at their last local gig.

Taking their name from a tongue-in-cheek STD experience that happened to one of the band members, the group fully commit themselves to a wicked ride on the road. “Having a hometown fan-base for so long, it’s great to see other parts of the country catching on,” says lead voice, Chris calling from his local cantina. “We put out a couple independent CD’s and a single or two but with A,T&F we wanted to push the music further – work on the melodies so the songs are heavy but also stick in your head.”

Sewing together a batch of catchy hooks, A,T&F hit hard with the lead track "The Fading Ability To Compromise" a barrage of guitars and spit. "Coming Down" features the immortal line: “Hook me up with the shit that killed Elvis”. But its "Stoned With Me" that crown IG with the TCE songwriter of the year award. Loud, tough and stamped with US Grade A rock!