Hyts / Looking From The Outside
Gold Mountain / A&M

These guys should have been HUGE. A powerful, classy pomp AOR band with plenty of action in the vocal department. This Seminole San Francisco-based quartet stemmed from American West Coast rock joining the ranks of Night Ranger, Journey and even East Coaster Bon Jovi in style and presentation. Roland Little (guitar, vocals), Stan Miller (bass) Tommy Thompson (keys, guitar) and Roy Garcia (drums) were signed to Gold Mountain in the fall of 1983 and delivered a very impressive debut, but as Roland Little remembers, “We had the unfortunate luck of coming out the same week as Bon Jovi’s debut and that record took off. We had some success with Backstabber but the problem was the company didn’t print enough records. Just when we started to gain momentum the record was selling out and they weren’t printing them up fast enough.” Hyts did tour with Derringer, Journey and Santana but were set back again when Garcia fell off the stage and sustained serious injuries. “We should have forged ahead,” recalls Little.

“We were really doing well. The support was there, the fans were building at each show, but we decided to wait till Roy got better. That really sucked the life out of us. Our next setback came again from the record label. We had the second album ready to go in ‘85 but they sat on it for another year not releasing it till ’86. That did us in – the tour caved. It went down hill quick after that.’

The band were given a second shot when, in the mid-‘90s a European label put out both records on one CD calling it, of all things, Eleven Bloody Men. Pushing 50, Little is currently working on an 18-track demo. He is also writing for and recording with his 13-year old daughter. Both are outstanding and well worth watching out for!