Nuclear Blast Records

Live At The Trocadero
Phliadelphia, PA

Stalking the backstreets and alleyways of Mölndal Sweden lurks the refining machine of Hammerfall. They come by way of the Judas Priest song book, full of guts and glory. Legacy of Kings is their current release on Nuclear Blast following last year’s ground-breaking Glory To The Brave. Hammerfall does what others only attempt; they bring back the full artillery of in-your-face, rip-your-eyes-out metal. They alone stand to bring the pendulum of their heroes back into full swing. And they just may do it.

Nuclear Blast has them on the road with Death at the request of Death founder and vocalist, Chuck Schuldiner. “We have been very happy with the tour so far,” explains Oscar Dronjak Hammerfall’s lean, lead guitarist. “We didn’t know how the two audiences would work, but it seems to be going great.” The band is just beginning their first ever trek across the US, having already proven themselves in Europe. “We’ve shipped more than 100,000 CDs just to Europe,” chimes in vocalist Joacium Cans. “With the US and Japan we’re hoping to really push this one.”

No strangers to hard work, Hammerfall has been on the road, non-stop, for three years. “This is how people find out who we are, says Oscar. “It only makes sense to reach out to as many people as we can.” Much of the “word” had already reached the first five rows of the Troc crowd as all joined in for the chorus to most of the Hammerfall set. The songs, Hammerfall and Glory To The Brave were big winners as well as Legacy Of Kings, Heeding The Call and Priest’s Breaking The Law which had all the members exchanging instruments in a dazzling array of talents. The band was tight as wet leather, solos were hot, vocals were dead-on, a slaughter of innocents.

Death marched on to bury the dead performing "The Sound Of Perseverance," the Godfathers of Death Metal, laid to rest the idea that 15 years was too long.

Nuclear Blast, Death, Hammerfall