Can’t Get There From Here
Sony Records

The corner of Hollywood and Vine is a good place to start looking for the inspiration behind Great White. During their sixteen-year career, the band has applied every known form of survival to keep themselves alive. Much like the predatory shark they take their name from, the quintet continues to fine-tune their sexy riff and roll into a watertight heat seeker.

As a white-hot bar band from the 80’s L.A. club circuit, Great White gained national acclaim when their third album, ‘Once Bitten,’ rang up a million in sales with ‘Rock Me,’ ‘Lady Red Light,’ and ‘Save Your Love.’ ‘Twice Shy’—released a year later (1988)—doubled that number. Since then, the group has been on more labels than most bands have records.

Can’t Get There From Here’ marks the twelfth outing by Great White. A tasty addition to the band’s blues infested rock, the disc features a warehouse of killer tunes starting with ‘Rollin’ Stoned’ and running straight through to ‘Hey Mister.’ “This band has always been about songs,” says Great White vocalist Jack Russell. “This record represents a large growth from what we’ve done in the past. Every record we’ve done we’ve tried to grow from one to the other without growing outside of what we really are - turning it into something we’re really not.”

Russell is joined by fellow natives Mark Kendall (g), Michael Lardie (k,g), Audie Desbrow (d) and Sean McNabb (b). McNabb signed up this year in time to work with producers Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) and Don Dokken. The production gave ‘Can’t Get There From Here’ a cocky polish nurtured in the clubs but harnessed for arenas. Delights included ‘Ain’t No Shame,’ ‘Loveless Age,’ ‘Hey Mister,’ and the soon-to-be-classic ‘Wooden Jesus.’ The record is backed by John Kalodner’s new Portrait Records, a Columbia Records imprint.

“I got into music because I love to play music,” reminds Russell. “I’m in this band for all these years because I love playing music with this band.” Great White joined the Poisen/Ratt/LA Guns tour this summer.