Rock Candy
KMA Records

Zebra bassist Felix Hanemann has stepped out on his own with an independent release titled ‘Rock Candy.’ Felix’s history with Zebra dates back to 1973 when as teenagers he and Randy Jackson put together the duo, ‘Shephard's Bush.’ A couple years later they were joined by drummer Guy Gelso and Zebra was formed. The outfit kept a steady string of dates cookin’ from New Orleans to Long Island hitting every dirt-floor dive in-between. In 1982 Zebra signed with Atlantic Records and released their defining debut, which ripped a hole in the rock market. A tour with Bryan Adams and Journey established the band as arena contenders.

“This has been a goal of mine for years,” explains Felix about his first solo record. “A lot of what’s happened to me over the past few years really comes out in the music on this CD.” Felix composed nine of the ten tunes on ‘Rock Candy’ ranging from the melodic country strains of ‘My My But You’re Strong (Neat’s Song)’ and ‘I Need Your Love’ to 70’s inspired ‘Reaching For Rainbows’ and ‘Odd Fellows Rest.’ Down and dirty rockers ‘Little Things’ and ‘Bad Blood’ smoke, the later being a quick favorite with its wailing harmonica - a real killer.

An enormous Montrose fan, Felix thought it only proper to name the album after his favorite track off Montrose self titled platter. “Zebra has been doing ‘Rock Candy’ since our bar days,” says Felix. “Randy and Guy were very supportive and we decided to give it a shot and it came out great!” Felix remains firmly dedicated to his bandmates. Zebra continues to work hard and has a newly released live record taken from broadcast shows recorded during 1983-85 on King Biscuit Flower Hour.