Calling The Wild
Koch Records

Kissing Like A Cobra

In March when Doro ripped the roof off the March Metal Meltdown slaying a host of up-and-comers, the unbelievers took notice. Now as the CD whirls away in the Discman it is baffling to think this gargantuan voice was gone from the U.S. airwaves for so long. The reigning queen of metal, Doro Pesch, who for nearly twenty years has carried her voice to millions of fans, leads Doro.

In the early ‘80s Pesch formed the pioneering metal band Warlock that rose to prominence in 1987-88. Her star shone bright as she moved into the solo spotlight for a string of critically acclaimed masterworks. The last few years Doro has concentrated her efforts in Europe, but with the release of Calling The Wild, she confirms her international status. Here’s some of TCE’s recent conversation with Pesch: “I’ve been talking with a number of journalists that I haven’t spoken to in years,” Pesch tells us during a phone call from New York. “We were reminiscing about the time they put me on the cover of a metal magazine years ago and how controversial it was to have a female singer featured. It was their best selling issue.”

TCE: What has been the response to advance pressings of Calling The Wild?

PESCH: The response has been very positive. Everybody has been picking their favorite songs, and they have all been different. It was hard for me to choose when I was recording the songs. At first I wanted to do a double record, but with our first release in the U.S. in years we decided to cut it down to only the very best ones.

TCE: One of the songs you included is ‘Burn It Up,’ made popular at German football games.

PESCH: Yes, American football has become very popular in Europe the past few years. The manager of the German team, who is from my hometown, Düsseldorf, asked me to write a song for the team. It only took a few hours and everybody loved it; a couple of the players even sing in the background. I played the song all over Europe and when they won the World Bowl (in the last seven seconds) I got to sing it in front of 50,000 fans. It was great—really unbelievable.

TCE: You did a number of unique songs for this record. Some old, some new.

PESCH: Because many people outside of Europe haven’t heard my last few albums, I wanted to give them the chance by putting them on this one. We redid Terrovision and Pain. I also got to work with Lemmy on his song Love Me Forever, and we wrote another one called Alone Again where he plays this beautiful flamenco guitar. I worked with my longtime friend Gary Scruggs in Nashville on Constant Danger, and we also did our own version of Billy Idol’s White Wedding.

TCE: What surprises a lot of first-time listeners of your music is the depth and emotion of your ballads.

PESCH: I’ve seen heartbreak a lot of times in life and I can understand the pain other people feel. True sensitivity is easily heard. Many times I’ve been overcome while singing—when I look in the audience and see them moved it happens to me. It’s like something in the air; something creeping up until it embraces you.”

Doro returns with a highly polished band having played a very active schedule in Europe. Calling The Wild showcases the group’s dynamics and allows Doro full vocal range that is both powerful and emotional. Several guests are featured on the album as well, including Lemmy, Slash, and Al Pitrelli. Doro is also working with Andreas Bruhn (Sisters Of Mercy) and huge German industrialists Die Krupps.