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Darrell Mansfield has a ministry statement that simply states; “To give back to a world that reflects the neediness and hunger that drove me to the Bread of Life.” And when he sings, “That’s why I play the blues for you,” off his recent release Live on Tour CD you believe in the man’s convictions. It has been 16 years since the heavy metal thundering (and lightning) of Revelation, courtesy of Mr. Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big Racer X) so, we dialed in to see where Mansfield’s mission has taken him.

“Well, I have seven kids now and it seems I’m working all the time,” laughs Mansfield. “I Kind of have to. Right now I’m in between a lot of different things. I’m working on a new CD. I’m doing shows everywhere, it seems, and I’ve got this new live disc out.

“The new record is half from our European dates and half from here in LA. It’s selling really well. We mix it up with rock and blues. Europe really embraced the blues-rock thing in the ‘80s and ‘90s and lucky for us, America is now ready for it and we’re ready to give it to them.”

Mansfield’s history with the blues started when he was a kid with the Stones and Cream. He started singing, playing guitar and harmonica in college where he joined his first band. But when events in his life caused his world to crumble around him, depression set in almost taking his life. Mansfield believes that God intervened saving him and his soul.

With over 20 years in the business Mansfield’s work is clearly a labor of love. His believes his talents are a living, breathing testimony to the power of the Almighty and he carries his message with relentless dedication.

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