Somewhere Lost In Time
Z Records

When I first heard Danny’s debut CD, Somewhere Lost In Time, on Z Records I swore I was listening to a Stadium-ready rock band. The record had a larger than life sound with as clean a production as any major group. I was somewhat taken aback when I found out Danny had put the whole thing together by himself. That’s right folks, he plays every instrument, sings all the vocals and the harmonies and wrote every damn song – and it’s killer – every track is a monster.

Danny, the one-man music-making machine, resides just over the Walt Whitman bridge in Williamstown, New Jersey. He claims to have started playing the drums at age four. Danny’s musical drive had him stair-stepping his way through the trumpet, organ and guitar. He made his first professional gig at age 12 when the drummer for a wedding band dropped out. Two years later he was in a garage band doing Van Halen covers. States Danny, “When Van Halen hit, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Among the many influences heard on Somewhere Lost In Time, Van Halen and Dokken are the most up front. Come To Me, Love Me Or Leave Me, All The Time, and personal favorite, Is Love A Lie redefine the arena anthem. While Lost Without Your Love, Somewhere Lost In Time and Dreams paint the perfect ballad complete with emotional crescendo amid lucid instrumentation. A showpiece for Danny’s voice as well.

Save Us, the first song on Danny’s disc, was advanced on a Z Records compilation and became an instant favorite. Its religious connotation led some to see Danny as a Christian artist with his lush harmonies in league with Idol Cure. “I’m not overly religious,” says Danny, “but this is a song I really felt like writing. It’s a positive outlook kind of song."

Frustrated with many of the local bands who were content to cash in on the tribute or cover band popularity, Danny decided to go under ground and produce his own original music the way he heard it in his head. What he ended up with seven years later is his own calling card. “I never thought I would get a [record] deal with my stuff, I just wanted to showcase everything I could do.” Ballistic hard rock with a melodic refined edge is what Danny does.. and he does it very well.