Rock Solid Guitar
Leviathan Records

The maturity on Rock Solid Guitar is a real testament to the determination and unmatched skill of David T. Chastain - a man who wears his colossal talent like a dinner jacket composing a buffet of songs at will. With the success of last years Southern Gentleman, the six-string king proved he could easily mix mediums and play to a varied cross-pollination of audiences. “Recording the Exotic Dancer Blues CD made me look at music in a different light”, says Chastain. “While I still love and will continue to release intense metal, the Gents stuff showed me how to relax, step back a little and enjoy the music. And while heavy, complicated music appeals to a certain part of myself, this type of music appeals to another.”

Yet it is Chastain’s new majestic undertaking that beckons a call from the Leviathan head office in Atlanta, Georgia. “I’ve always enjoyed working on instrumental albums,” says David over the phone. “They have a certain freedom to them – very spontaneous. I think I played, mixed and had this record ready in less than two weeks. Everything just poured out.”

David’s use of old friends paid enormously in producing the compilation. Mike Haid played drums (Next Planet Please, Freeform Free For All) and Steven Taylor played bass. “This is really just a sophisticated over the top jam session that originally was not planned for commercial release. After reviewing the tapes we decided that we wanted the guitar fans to get a chance to check it out. In the three-piece format, with only the drums and bass to follow, there was no official place I had to be so I was free to play whatever came natural. While snippets of the material were planned, there was never total structure from beginning to end, which is where the magic is.”

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