Exotic Dancer Blues
Leviathan Records

“This is the style of music that I was first attracted to when I started playing,” says David Chastain of his new side project
Southern Gentlemen and their electric blues release Exotic Dancer Blues. “I had plans to release a CD similar to this in the past but other projects always seemed to have priority. Finally, I decided I had to do this recording and I am so glad I did because it was a total blast!” Chastain, who’s career has been primarily entrenched in a musical genre packed with sky-high amplifiers and shredding guitar licks (CJSS, Chastain), caused quite a stir among enthusiasts in his announcement to put together a blues project, one which was highly anticipated by fans and musicians alike. Exotic Dancer Blues first appeared on the Leviathan web site as a teaser. The cover alone was enough to attract interest. Several of the CD’s tracks were set up over a period of time for downloading on the internet building a heavy lather of froth for the eager punters.

Says Chastain, “Obviously listening to Exotic Dancer Blues will bring back memories of the legendary 70’s blues rock from such bands as early ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Hendrix and even some Skynyrd influences We just play it a little heavier.” The Southern Gentlemen unload the blues as a tight, uniform power trio. Joining Chastain are bassist Kevin Kekes and drummer Dennis Lesh. The three cram thirteen original hard-rock blues numbers onto the CD including standouts Too Hot For Love, Down To New Orleans, Drive Me Wild and I Feel So Blue all sung with Chastain’s whiskey-drenched vocals. Lyrically the disc pursues the novelty of the blues: women, sex, love, lust and heartbreak. “You can tell by the title track we have an addiction to Exotic Dancers,” claims Chastain who makes no bones about the relationship with sex and the blues. Don’t Be Shy, Exotic Dancer Blues, Back Door Woman and Ease The Pain all sweat with an overheat swagger of Chastain’s thick geetar sound. “Everyone talks about the great rock guitar playing during the 70’s and that is what I was trying to recreate.”