Scream For Me Brazil
Air Raid Records

“I’m a huge Deep Purple fan and the saddest thing for me is that I’ll never get to see Deep Purple, as they were in their heyday, again,” states Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson in his call from Paris. Fans of Bruce may feel the same about the classic Dickinson line-up (Bruce, Adrian Smith, Roy Z, Eddie Cassillas, Dave Ingrahams) now that the singer has rejoined the ranks of his fellow Maidenites. “I never got to tour the states with Chemical Wedding. I felt bad about that so I thought I’d put out a live record not only for the US but for the rest of the world as well.”

Many felt Chemical Wedding was the best of the Bruce solo records and were tearful about his announcement to cut his tour short in the wake of writing new material for the soon to be released Maiden opus. “The tour was great,” beams Dickinson, “I’m not gonna say it wasn’t but some very big things came down with my US record company causing us not to tour there. But we wanted our fans to hear what they missed. This record could have been made anywhere but the people in Brazil were among the most enthusiastic audiences in the world.

“We used all local equipment except the drumkit and the back line which we shipped over. You have to take a certain philosophy when you record a live album. I made the decision to mix it as if you were standing on stage, with the band, instead of in the audience. So what you hear is more or less what I hear when I’m standing on stage in the middle of the band.”

Dickinson promises that his solo work will be continuing, no worries there. “We’ll have another album out next year called Catacombs. It will be made up of strange rarities and things. That will be the tenth anniversary of my solo stuff.” What a ride!

Bruce Dickinson or Air Raid Records