Atlanta's own

To the folks in Atlanta, Barry Richman may very well be the next Jimi Hendrix. A local hero and buddy to Eric Johnson and Carlos Santana, Richmond is gleaning praise from his peers across the board. His unique style combines arresting technique and musical soundscapes with dripping reverence for the six strings he caresses nightly in the beer-soaked dives of Atlanta. Richman is proud of his influences and doesn’t think twice about wearing them proudly on his sleeve. Case in point are Richman’s two CD’s, ‘The Moment Of Now’ and ‘Temporary Eternity.’ A psychedelic blend of original tunes ‘The Moment Of Now,’ pays homage to Jimi Hendrix (Mr. Jimi) and Jeff Beck (Thank You Jeff). Richman also covers Robin Trower’s ‘Day Of The Eagle’ and Santana’s ‘Europa.’ The later caused John Heidt of Vintage Guitar Magazine to declare, “Richman takes Santana's 'Europa' and makes it his own.”

On his current disc, ‘Temporary Eternity,’ Richman continues his musical journey moving closer to Jazz-fusion ala Jeff Beck. ‘Zambi,’ ‘151 Avenue B’ and ‘Simba’s Revenge’ showcase Richman’s ability to communicate on a number of different levels. His blues is never too far away as ‘Here Again’ and ‘Macon’ move into the Delta. Even a dash of Middle Eastern influence spice up ‘And The Dogs Made Love.’ Pop hit ‘Jellybread’ triumphs as a Robin Trower-like fretboard workout baked in soul with vocals handled by soul sensation Angi Aparro.

The album’s title ‘Temporary Eternity’ features the genius of Tomas Ramirez’s alto sax building around the guitarist jetting Fender stokes. At its rockin’ best is the album’s ‘Black Texas Highway’ a full tilt power surge. Richman’s solo gigs are standing room only and with a standard three-set-per-night no stone is left unturned. Richman is also touring with the Col. Bruce Hampton and Friends outfit.