THE ELECTRIC BEARD is owned and operated by music journalist and author TK Smith. Welcome!

I was first bitten by the music bug when I was a kid, after watching Elvis Presley in “Jail House Rock”. I started writing about music in high school, during the late seventies, and in college I wrote bios for record labels and A&R departments. When The King Biscuit Flower Hour opened up their radio archives, I wrote several artists' CD linernotes, but one of my favorite projects came when German label High Voltage records re-issued The Rods back catalog, allowing me to write the full history of band in five deluxe booklets. With David Clayton, I co-authored the definitive book on UK blues-rock band FREE titled “Heavy Load” and contributed to Uta Heuser’s book “Give Me Friction, Baby!” Turbonegro und die Turbojugend.

This website is an outlet for me to rave about the music that inspires me with the hope that it will do the same for you, the reader. I’m always looking for, supporting, and resurrecting the best in guitar-fueled rock whether it’s Kraut / Stoner / Acid / Fuzz / Doom / Sludge / Psych / Prog / Heavy or Classic.

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