John Taglieri Plugs In
A2 Records

Hot on the heels of his first solo release, Leap Of Faith, John Taglieri plugs in with a new set of house rockers guaranteed to please the masses. Taglieri, who spent much of last year touring primarily as a one-man outfit, has now assembled a white-hot band, solidified his sound and secured a major label. Calling from his New Jersey home, Taglieri gave us a sneak preview as to what he and the band have put together…and it ROCKS!

“My live band kicks ass. The guys all are top notch players and just smoke live. We've been opening for some big acts like Rough Cutt, Firehouse, & Randy Jackson and are hoping to keep that kind of momentum going. For the next album, I'll have my full band, Neil Rambaldi (g,vo), John Calendrillo (g,vo), George Pegula (Keys, vo), Brian DeSantis (b), & Scott Nicastro (d) all playing on the album. Dave Baldwin (Departure, Tradia) is going to be helping out on vocals, Dewey Ribustelli (Joe Lynn Turner) on drums, as well as other phenomenal players. The new album is tentatively called True Believer and of the 15 songs, five are mine, five are John Calendrillo's and five we wrote together – so it’s well balanced.”

The AOR community jumped all over Taglieri’s last album giving it not only high praise but also an extremely strong and loyal fan-base. “I found my niche with the last record,” John says, “so when it came to writing this one I knew exactly who my audience was and what they wanted from me.” Taglieri is hoping for a September 1st release and has confirmed the following song titles to be on the CD: "Tina", "Keep This Love Alive", "Can’t Stop The Rain", "Miracle", "Two Hearts", "Home Is Where The Heart Is", "I Give My Heart", "Only When I Sleep", "Easy To Believe", and "Everything To Me", "Deep In The Night" and "True Believer".

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