Roll Out The Rock
Hung Like Horses
Underdogma Records

"Velocity, Danger, Defiance, Broken Strings, Bad Equipment - one word, not two - Ironboss not Iron Boss."

Forged in the wilderness between the Catoctin and Allegheny Mountains, just north of Washington DC, is the motor-cross war machine Ironboss. The backwoods quartet started cutting serious chops back in 1994 and now have five records ablaze with their logo - "Age Of Gasoline," "Ironboss Rides Again," "Guns Don't Kill People, Ironboss Does!" and the two featured here; "
Roll Out The Rock" and "Hung Like Horses." All records have been handled by the mighty Underdogma except the first two produced on the independent label Reptilian.

Led by "big boss" vocalist Chris Rhoten, a pro motor-cross racer who also clocks in as a heavy equipment operator, the Baltimore-based foursome concentrate on pure chord-heavy riff rock charged with nuclear plant ampage. "
Roll Out The Rock - Singles 1995-2001" catch ya up on band highlights over the past few years. It includes original local hit 'Bad Motherfuckers' from the "Rock 'N Roll Au-Go-Go Vol 2" compilation, the Cactus cover 'Rumblin' Man,' AC/DC's 'Whole Lotta Rosie' and the Van Halen classic 'Everybody Wants Some.' The latter best matches Rhoten's raw Roth-like singing abilities.

International tattoo artist and "bass boss" Dave Waugh along with celebrated rock journalist "drum boss" Patrick Kennedy toast a big bottom end. Listen to their cover of Saxon's 'Motorcycle Man' and the singles flip-side 'Thinkin' Problem' to really get what the two can do when they get in the pocket. A couple of Monsters! "Metal boss" Matt Crocco digs all things metal. A HUGE Michael Schenker fan, he makes no bones about where his lightning fast influences hail. The band even dedicated the eighth track ‘Crocco Vs. Schenker’ to the UFO madman. And let's not forget Crocco's dapper photo in the booklet complete with vintage UFO T-shirt.

One does get a carnal dose of the band's lighthearted sense of humor in songs like 'Motherfucker,' the bluegrass ditty, 'Dirty Rotten Stinkin' Fuck' and thundering 'Bullethole.' Amidst the wide-range of metal encased on the comp is the Blackfoot-inspired demo 'Give Me The Rose' which rolls nicely into Aerosmith's 'Train Kept A' Rollin.' Ironboss needed an anthem so in 2001 they wrote a piano intro foot-stomper simply called Ironboss. Like Manowar, they announce their allegiance to pure unadulterated rock and forcefully dismantle any shred of doubt. For the most part it's irreverent rock at its best with reckless guitars, a bleeding throat singer and a rumbling rhythm section which all comes together on 'Roll Out The Rock.'

2002's "
Hung Like A Horse" is Ironboss all grown up. Mixing a galloping bass-line and bullet-whizzing guitar riffs, the band lay down the perfect foundation for singer Chris Rhoten to plant seed of utter destruction in songs like the 'Jig Is Up,' 'Fuck It,' and powerhouse 'Hot Smoke And Sassafrass.' The songs are infectious with a keen humor ('Low Man On The Totem Pole,' 'Pussy On The Corner') with well-oiled song writing ('Chrome And Gold,' 'Z-50 Horizon') to just plain fun ('Hung Like Horses,' 'Back When I Was A Miner'). The band strike a familiar chord with the Cutting Edge staff in that they are Maryland's answer to Ohio's American Dog. A little ZZ Top, a bit of roughhouse blues and a smattering of heart-stopping NWOB metal. Take it, hear it, love it!

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