HINDER - Take It To The Limit
The New Breed of Rock n’ Roll
Jagermeister Tour 2008
Pre-tour interview

Already creating a buzz from their summer hit “Use Me,” Oklahoma’s Hinder are getting more comparisons to heroes Guns and Roses and Aerosmith on their second disc “Take It To The Limit” than the pop frenzy that surrounded their major label debut “Extreme Behavior”. Five years of steady touring has built the band a significant fan base and landed them the headlining slot for this year’s Jagermeister fall tour with Trapt, Smile Empty Soul and long time road mates, Rev Theory. The tour’s Reno date comes within days of the group’s November 4th sophomore release and to add fuel to the fire, a second single, the radio friendly ballad “Without You” was recently shipped to media outlets and has already broken into Billboard’s Hot 100.

“We’ve matured as songwriters and this record is definitely a step up from the last one,” says singer Austin Winkler in a recent conference call with The Cutting Edge. “It’s something that comes with learning and life experiences, things you go through - it just gets better.” Hinder roared on to the music scene back in 2003 with an independent EP, but it was 2005’s “Extreme Behavior” and its five top 20 singles that propelled them into the mainstream. “It’s about the melodies,” says Winkler, “If it sounds catchy and hooky enough, we’ll keep it. On this new record, we let our influences show a little more. We got a chance to make the record that we wanted to make.”

Winkler shares much of the band’s writing credit with drummer Cody Hanson and guitarist Joe Garvey. Says Winkler, “Cody and I usually come up with the songs and then take it to the rest of the guys who knock ‘em around. For this record we had writing sessions in Florida, Whistler, Canada and Vancouver, BC. It was an amazing experience to go to all those places, and very inspiring.” Hanson agrees, “We’re in the room tossing out different ideas and we work really well with Brian Howes, our producer. We’re very involved in every aspect from the beginning when we’re writing songs to the mixing process.”

Bassist Mike Rodden and second guitarist Mark King joined the band four years ago and have done much to fill out the group’s sound. “We’re around each other so much and we’re such great friends that we gain a lot just by we watching each other’s experiences,” says Winkler. “We got to play with Aerosmith and for me; it was like a dream come true, but kind of like going back to school and realizing we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”  Big stage experience, a spotlight with NASCAR on TNT and having a crossover country hit with “Lips of an Angel” couldn’t prepare them for writing with one of their icons, Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars.

“Mick’s publisher called and asked if we’d like to do some writing with him.” Recalls Winkler. “We were like, ‘Hell yeah, man,’ so while we were at his house we approached him with the title track of our new record, ‘Take It to the Limit’ and asked if he wanted to play on it. He was like, ‘Sure man,’ and totally ripped on it. Our biggest heroes are Def Leppard, Guns and Roses and Motley Crue, so to have Mick play on our record is a real honor.”

Though the band has a taste for heavier riffs, their biggest songs are ballads. “We know we’re a rock band, and if we put out a ballad that crosses to top 40, that’s just getting more listeners out there for our music,” says Winkler. “A song like ‘The Best Is Yet to Come,” from this record shows the diversity of how much better we’ve gotten as far as the writing process goes. People who get us know we’re big country fans from Garth Brooks to the new Brad Paisley.”

Hinder are celebrating their election-day release with three different covers: a PG, an R and an X rated version and different “B sides” depending on the retail outlet. They’re also renting out the Hugh Hefner suite at the Palms in Las Vegas with a handful of diehard fans. “We just thought it would be cool to give our special fans something to be excited about,” says Hanson. “It’s going to be pretty insane with a bunch of girls from Playboy showing up. We make what we call “blombs,” it’s a shot of Jager and Red Bull, then we turn up the music offensively loud and party with warrior-like stamina.”

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